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Itsera Martial Arts & FitnessItsera Martial Arts & FitnessItsera Martial Arts & FitnessItsera Martial Arts & FitnessItsera Martial Arts & FitnessItsera Martial Arts & FitnessItsera Martial Arts & Fitness



We are a locally owned Family Fitness Center and Martial Arts School, serving Prospect, Longmont, Niwot, and the Front Range.

Our Head Instructor is Kru Scott Meier (Kru is the Thai word for "teacher".  Kru Meier holds a Black Belt in both Muay Thai and Thai Kwon Do and has over 10 years Martial Arts experience.  Known for his talent in his teaching of small children (starting at 4 years old) on  up to students in their 70's, Kru Meier's love for teaching comes through in each and every class he teaches (and he teaches most of our classes).  Kru Meier partners with Ms. Anne Wells who also holds a Black Belt in Muay Thai as well as having over 20 years of experience as a Personal Trainer.

We offer Kickboxing, Boot Camps, Muay Thai, TRX, and H.I.I.T -- Martial Arts for men, women and children. Itsera has developed a new and unique Martial Arts program to maximize your physical fitness, self discipline and self defense.


Kickboxing is a group fitness class which creates a high energy atmosphere where you can push yourself further than you ever thought possible. The primary focus and benefit of each Thai Kickboxing Class is FITNESS. The classes are designed to help the student lose weight, build muscle and transform his or her body. 

Do you want to get in the best shape of your life? Thai boxers are known as the best conditioned athletes in the world. Imagine how great you will feel when you lose the weight you want, tone your muscle mass and have fun while doing it! Muay Thai is the toughest workout you will ever LOVE.

You do NOT need to have any Martial Arts experience to come in and learn with us how to Be The Best and Most Healthy YOU that you can be! Make THIS your year and let this group of people support you all the way to your goals of Black Belt and Beyond.

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